ITZY’s Yuna Took Her Driving Test…And Instantly Failed By Doing This

“After taking a turn right, I felt a bump.”

During her recent livestream, ITZY‘s Yuna updated fans on how her driver’s test went. Spoiler: Things got a little crazy!

Because of her busy schedule, she couldn’t prepare for the test as much as she wanted.

This didn’t stop her from doing well on the written portion — She still nailed it with a score of 82%!

However, judging by her face when recalling how the road test went, it didn’t particularly end in her favor!

She revealed she made no mistakes all the way up to the parking test.

A problem arose when her side mirror was slightly off.

I couldn’t see the wheels and the line on my right side mirror. I couldn’t reach it so I thought I wasn’t able to adjust it. So I just decided to trust my gut. I knew I practiced hard, I just believed in myself.

— Yuna

Without being able to see as she pulled out of the parking space, it became her worst case scenario!

After I parked, I was about to hit the road after taking a turn right…and I felt a bump and my body just bent.

— Yuna

Right when she was ready to fix her mistake and try it again…

…it was too late. The test ended and she unfortunately automatically failed.

The director took over from there on out while Yuna muttered to herself about how she could have done better.

It’s okay, Yuna! MIDZYs are rooting for you and know you’ll do great next time!

| Naver