Netizens Are Shook By ITZY Yuna’s Gorgeous Visuals In Textured, Wavy Hair

Her new look is stunning! 😍

ITZY‘s Yuna recently stepped out at the airport in a brand new hairstyle and fans can’t get enough of it! Typically, Yuna has been rocking her long, straight hair, but she just decided to mix it up.

A throwback to her previous style, Yuna has rocked wavy hair before — but as a blonde! Now, she’s bringing the look back with a few twists.

Now rocking waves with her dark hair and subtle bangs, she looks absolutely stunning in the new style!

The bouncy waves give off a romantic vibe that is perfect for wintertime.

Yuna showcases her actress-like visuals in the pretty look that frames her face nicely.

Whether you prefer Yuna with gorgeous wavy hair…


…or with silky straight hair…


…we can all agree on one thing: She slays every look!


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