ITZY’s Yuna Reveals The Story Behind Her Iconic “DALLA DALLA” Fancam

She was a ray of sunshine!

ITZY was the most recent guest on Knowing Bros, and Yuna shared the story behind her iconic debut fancam for their track “DALLA DALLA.”

During the episode, host Kang Ho Dong pointed out that one of Yuna’s nicknames is “Master of fancam” because of her amazing facial expressions. In particular, the fancam from their debut performance of the hit song “DALLA DALLA.”

Yuna explained how excited she was to perform and be able to see her fans face to face.

I was so excited that I just forgot to film and had so much fun on the stage.

— Yuna

It wasn’t until she actually came down onto the main stage that she realized that the fancam was there. Luckily, she was already smiling from ear to ear, and fans seemed to love it.

A lot of people loved me when I was smiling, so many people loved it.

— Yuna

There is no denying that Yuna can light up every stage she is on, and her “DALLA DALLA” fancam was no exception!

You can watch the full fancam below!

Source: Knowing Bros