ITZY’s Yuna Accidentally Drops A Huge Spoiler During Interview

The members’ reactions… 🤣

ITZY‘s Yuna is no stranger to accidentally revealing spoilers, like when she hinted at Ryujin‘s “Artist of the Month” video.

In a brand new interview during a radio show, she lives up to her reputation as ITZY’s spoiler queen.

Yuna (ITZY) | @129__721/Twitter

When asked about an upcoming world tour, she accidentally spilled much more than what she should have said!

This time, it will be a little bigger… including South American and European stops.

— Yuna

However, right as she said this, Chaeryeong‘s surprised reaction caught the attention of the hosts!

Host: South American and Europe, too, huh? But how come Chaeryeong looks so surprised?

Yuna: Wait, why? What’s going on? Did I say something wrong? I’m confused.

Host: What’s going on? It looked like you’re hearing about a different group’s tour plans.

Host 2: Did you not know about South American stops?

When they gathered themselves, both Chaeryeong and Ryujin shared what should have been her answer.

Chaeryeong: No, no… We are definitely going to see a lot more fans this time.

Host: Right, so why were you so surprised?

Ryujin: Because that’s the response we were given to share.

When Yuna had realized she accidentally revealed too much, the look of shock on her face was hilarious!

Don’t worry, Yuna — Your secret is safe with MIDZys all around the world!

Watch the full clip here.