ITZY’s Yuna Goes Viral For Her “Queen Card” Visuals At The “2022 KBS K-Pop Festival”

Hot girl vibes.

ITZY‘s Yuna recently danced to Lee Hyori‘s “U Go Girl” at the 2022 KBS K-Pop Festival. She amazed everyone with how well she suited the song and concept. Dressed in a crop top and low rise jeans, her slim waist and wide hips were highlighted.

Her beauty was top tier that day as she brought her bubbly charms to the table.

It is no surprise that Koreans have given her the “Queen Card” nickname. A term referring to the most popular girl in school, Yuna definitely exudes all the vibes that suit the term.

Everything about her was perfect that day!

Netizens were in awe at her beauty and figure.

| theqoo
  • “Wow, her hips are insane.”
  • “Isn’t it unfair how she has that face and that body… It’s the first time I’m seeing someone pull off low rise [cut]. She doesn’t just pull it off, but it just becomes her.”
  • “Pretty.”
  • “Wow, her face and body are amazing. I’m f*cking jealous.”
  • “What’s up with her figure?”
  • “She’s totally the essence of a hot girl queen card.”

We love a visual queen! Each of her 3 fancams of the performance have over 100,000 views and counting!

Source: theqoo


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