ITZY’s Track List Reveals The Title Track Was Composed By JYP Himself

What will JYP’s latest creation sound like?

ITZY are set to release their new album IT’z ICY on July 29th at 6 pm KST.

On July 12th, JYP Entertainment released the tracklist for the album on ITZY’s social media channels with information about each of the songs.

Interestingly, the title track ICY has been written and composed by Park Jin Young himself. This is JYP’s first foray into music creation for the company’s newest girl group and many are curious what his influence will bring to the track.

JYP isn’t the only cook at the broth, however. A multitude of musicians and producers worked on a song that is described as a trendy dance song within the funk genre.

The album will also contain four other songs, including a remix of the group’s incredibly popular debut hit DALLA DALLA.