IU Gains Attention For Her Unexpected Reaction To Not Winning “Best New Actress” During The “2023 Baeksang Art Awards”

It showcases the idol’s true personality!

IU is definitely the “Nation’s Little Sister,” as it seems like everything she does gets praised, whether it’s her visuals, talent, or charm. Recently, the idol showcased her true personality after her reaction to not winning an award.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

Since debuting, IU has proved to be a beautiful singer with gorgeous visuals, and the idol has also shined on the screen as an actress.

IU showcasing her singing talent | [IU Official]/YouTube
IU is also a star actress | Netflix K-Content/YouTube 

Yet, it seems like along with her talent and visuals, IU’s personality is also golden. As expected, when the idol graced the red carpet alongside other stars…

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She looked like a true angel. Although the dress was simple, the combination of the textures, IU’s visuals, and her accessories meant that she truly looked like a princess.

During the event, IU was nominated for “Best New Actress” for her role in the movie Broker.

IU in the film “Broker” | CJ ENM

IU was against some huge names in the category, including Go Youn Jung and Kim Hye Yoon.

Unfortunately, IU didn’t get the win, but the award was given to an equally deserving actress as Kim Si Eun won the award for her role in Next Sohee.

Kim Si Eun in the “Next Sohee”

It seemed as if Kim Si Eun didn’t expect the win and was unsurprisingly very excited.

While those who have lost normally have a certain “look,” IU gained attention for her wholesome reaction. After the winner was announced, although it was quick, it was easy to see how excited she was as the idol’s mouth formed an “O” shape, and she quickly turned to speak to someone about the result.

When the clip was shared, netizens loved IU’s reaction to not winning. Rather than seeming disappointed or trying to fake happiness, the idol looked genuinely happy for the winner.

As always, IU proves to have a heart of gold. Considering how close the two are and that IU even attended the Next Sohee premiere and told fans to watch, it was definitely refreshing!

You can read more about the event below.

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Source: @baeksang.official.TikTok

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