IU’s Bodyguard Goes Viral For Sweetly Protecting Her Like A Father

Their relationship is the cutest! ๐Ÿฅบ

Recently, the precious interactions between IU and bodyguard Park Geun Woo are gaining attention from fans. Always ready to protect her at any moment, his quick thinking and loving interactions are making netizens swoon!

From catching things she drops…

…to helping her safely walk down stairs…

…to protecting her at all costs, he’s always there for her.

Some of the sweetest moments include him tying her headband for her…

…and looking at her with the loving eyes of a father!

With his giant height and her tiny physique, their interactions adorably resemble a father and daughter.

Always paying attention to the small details, he won’t even let her headband droop!

Check out the full compilation that’s going viral below.