IU Confesses She Can’t Sleep, Talks About Her Full History With Jonghyun

“I really hoped that no one would be in pain.”

IU recently guested on JTBC Newsroom with legendary anchor Sohn Suk Hee and opened up about her battle with insomnia as well as her history with the late SHINee Jonghyun.

She mentioned that she wanted to show off a more mature side of herself with her latest album “Palette” and include some of her personal experiences, as well as experiences from people around her.

One of those personal experiences was her battle with insomnia, revealing she has been suffering from it for a long time now.

“I wrote the song ‘Through the Night’ while I was suffering from severe insomnia. I was thinking about how I would confess that to someone, if there was someone I really loved.

I thought the best confession and gift I could give is a good night’s sleep. I took that approach.”

— IU

IU mentioned that she has figured out the cause of her insomnia, which she still suffers from.

“I’ve had insomnia for a long time now. I still have it now. I looked into why I am having it. It seems like it’s because my sleep patterns are not normal.”

— IU

IU then went on to talk about the passing of SHINee’s Jonghyun and her speech about him at the 32nd Golden Disc Awards.

“Jonghyun and I debuted in the same year. He was a colleague who dreamed of the same dreams I did. We had similar worries and troubles, but also a similar development (as artists).

I regret not being able to be a better source of strength for him.”

— IU

IU hoped that she delivered her message of sincerity well, especially to other artists attending year-end festivals who were in emotional pain.

“It wasn’t just me, but other artists who had heavy hearts at that time. I was worried about all my colleagues who had to stand on stage with those heavy hearts because it was the year-end ceremony season.

I really hoped that no one would be in pain. I hope my sincerity was conveyed well.”

— IU

Jonghyun gifted IU the song “A Gloomy Clock” for her 3rd full album “Modern Times” and was well respected within the industry, leaving heavy hearts for many artists as well as fans with his passing.

Source: enews24 and Sports Hankooki

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