IU Donates The Most Practical Thing Ever For Medical Staff During The Coronavirus Pandemic

An absolute angel.

If IU isn’t the very definition of angel on earth, then we don’t know what is! She’s always been known for her very generous donations, with her lifetime donations totalling well over $1.25 million USD since March 2020. This summer, she does it yet again.

| EDAM Entertainment

It has been announced that the singer donated 4,600 sets of ice vests for the hardworking medical staff all around South Korea. Donating via the community chest, the total value of her donations in the form of the useful clothing item totals ₩100 million KRW.

An ice vest is a useful tool especially with Korea going through a swelteringly hot summer currently. The vests will be worn by workers that have to work outside under the hot sun on site to treat and check up on the coronavirus patients and those under quarantine.

This is especially important currently as South Korea’s medical and voluntary staff are now reportedly facing a new type of struggle, as many patients often make ridiculous requests to be fulfilled, such as fetching certain items from their far-flung houses or requesting specific restaurant meals.

This is not the first time IU has contributed to the crisis at hand globally. She had also previously donated ₩200 million KRW for the coronavirus pandemic in February.

Source: XSports News


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