Here’s What’s Inside IU’s GUCCI Bag

She reveals her favorite essentials.

IU recently did the “What’s in my bag?” challenge with VOGUE Korea and showed of her gorgeous go-to purse, the Horsebit 1955 Mini Bag in GG Supreme Canvas from GUCCI.


She also showed off her keyring that was made by a friend and also carries a mini GUCCI bag of its own!

Inside, she keeps her GG Marmont Leather Card Case and Wallet from GUCCI in her favorite Mint color.


Next, she shares a giant, fuzzy claw hairclip that is perfect for when she’s in her casual clothes and wants to put her hair back but still be cute and stylish.


She also carries a snack with her at all times. Lately, she’s loving Pollack Roe Seaweed Laver.


Another necessity is her custom pair of earplugs that are molded to fit her ear shape.


Lastly, she always brings a book — But she accidentally brought the wrong one!

Watch the full video below.


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