ITZY Is A Guest Performer At IU’s “The Golden Hour” Concert — Fans Are Loving Their Friendship

This isn’t the first time they’ve worked together.

IU is currently holding her long-awaited concert, The Golden Hour, at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul, Korea. Although 85,000 fans are attending the concert, given IU’s immense popularity, fans were worried about securing tickets, prompting IU to give them a unique trick that worked for her.

Of course, the concert is well worth the wait, as IU has put extensive preparation into her show, even sharing that she hasn’t practiced for something this much since she was a trainee.

IU | @_IUofficial/Twitter

The talented singer even went so far as to practice without hearing the music, just in case her fans’ enthusiastic cheers drowned out the sound while she was performing.

“And I don’t know how well I’ll hear, so I practiced singing with my ears completely blocked” | 이지금 [IU Official]/YouTube 
The concert itself is record-breaking, and other K-Pop idols who have been longtime fans of IU have even been worried about securing tickets themselves.

One K-Pop group that is a well-known fan of IU is ITZY, who praised the soloist for her kind personality and the first impression she left on them.

Although it wouldn’t have been surprising if ITZY had attended IU’s concert, fans weren’t expecting IU to ask ITZY to be the surprise guest performer. But ITZY gave an incredible performance, showing their talents to the crowd’s supportive cheers.

Fans of ITZY were incredibly proud that the group got to perform at Jamsil Stadium in front of such a large crowd, showing off their incredible charisma and energy.

And fans of IU and ITZY were touched to see the artists’ friendship as IU took the time to personalize letters and gifts for each member of ITZY as thanks.

Especially since ITZY had to adjust their schedule to be able to perform at her concert.

Fans are pointing out how endearing it is that IU asked ITZY to be the first guest performers at her concert, just like they were the first girl group guests on her show, IU’s Palette.

And some joked that ITZY’s lack of worry when IU’s tickets went on sale now makes perfect sense.

Hopefully fans will get to see this incredible friendship only continue to grow.

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