IU And Lee Jong Suk Are Officially Dating — Here’s The Public’s Reaction

Congratulations to the couple!

IU and Lee Jong Suk were reported to be dating by Dispatch. Their respective agencies soon confirmed the news.

Actor Lee Jong Suk recently progressed his relationship with IU from a close colleague relationship to a loving relationship, and the two continue to meet each other seriously.

— High Zium Studio

Lee Jong Suk and IU have been colleagues for a long time and recently their relationship developed into lovers.

— EDAM Entertainment

The two were spotted by Dispatch after a secretive date in Japan.

As IU is the nation’s beloved “younger sister,” all eyes are inevitably on Lee Jong Suk. Even though Lee Jong Suk is highly prized and well-loved as an actor, nothing can beat the general public’s affection for IU. Here’s what they thought about the dating news.

Thankfully, everyone fully supports this couple.

| theqoo
  • “They match well. Congrats x2”
  • “I like them both so much. IU is wise, warm, resilient, and cute. They match each other so well.”
  • “Wow amazing.”
  • “Both give off favorable impressions… They match each other so well…”

Although the combination surprised people, the public wished the couple well nonetheless.

| theqoo
  • “I never imagined the combination, but I hope they’re happy!”
  • “Gasp! I never imagined it, but they go well together.”
  • “Really it’s surprising.”
  • “How long have they been dating?”
  • “I could never have imagined it, so I’m surprised.”

We wish the couple all the love and luck in the world!

Source: theqoo
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