IU Details The Meanest Thing She’s Ever Done To Her Little Brother As Kids

“I’m sorry about that.”

IU recently uploaded a new video to her YouTube channel which starred her real-life little brother, Lee Jong Hoon.

During their interview, Lee Jong Hoon revealed that IU used to beat him down all the time when they were little.

Back in the day, I lived under your control.

— Lee Jong Hoon

And IU acknowledged it and apologized.

I’m sorry about that.

— IU

IU then went on to share a story of the only time Lee Jong Hoon lost his temper and fought back.

I was giving him a hard time as usual, but he snapped and threw his robot at me. But the robot hit the clock behind me, and it fell on my head, which hurt me. It was me who was hurt, but he cried because he felt bad.

— IU

In particular, IU detailed the time when she was the meanest to her little brother.

The time I harassed him the most was when I locked him up in my grandmother’s room and pushed him out of anger.

— IU

She confessed that she pushed him hard and even asked about his well-being.

I pushed you hard back then. Is your back all right now?

— IU

And Lee Jong Hoon responded hilariously.

Now that you say it, I can’t move my body the way I want anymore.

— Lee Jong Hoon

In a recent interview with GQ Korea, IU expressed her wishes to reconcile with her brother and confessed that she used to be hard on him.

I used to hit my brother when he wouldn’t listen, and we ended up becoming awkward with each other when we grew up.

— IU

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Check out the full brother-sister exchange below:


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