KARA Seungyeon’s Dream Comes True 15 Years Later, And She Couldn’t Be More Proud

Fans didn’t know how much it meant to Seungyeon.

As KARA reunites for their fifteenth anniversary Move Again promotions, they stopped by IU’s Palette, where Seungyeon shared a wish from their debut days that finally came true.

Seungyeon | @thesy88/Instagram

When the members shared a group photo shoot for their fifteenth anniversary, they were shocked by the outpouring of love from fans. Seungyeon remembered one of the comments many Kamilia kept posting. She said, “There were so many comments like, ‘Unnie (older sister), why am I crying?’

Although fans didn’t know it, those comments actually fulfilled a wish that Seungyeon had when KARA debuted in 2007. Seungyeon explained, “When I started my career as a singer, I once said on the radio that I wanted to be a singer who has many songs that bring back memories.

Seungyeong realized that it was finally time for that wish to be fulfilled. She said, “So I saw those comments and thought, ‘Did my dream come true?’

She expressed how happy she was to have that impact on fans. Seungyeon finished, “And I felt proud of myself.

Because KARA was active for nearly ten years, the memories and music they made with fans will always be precious. Now fans and KARA can relive them fifteen years later and create new ones.

| @nicole__jung/Instagram

See Seungyeon’s joy over finally achieving her long-held dream as a singer.


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