IU And Park Bo Gum To Reunite In New K-Drama By “When The Camellia Blooms” Writer

Expectations are high.

According to K-Drama production company Fan Entertainment, IU and Park Bo Gum will star in a new K-Drama together. Titled You Have Done Well (working title) is written by the same writer as When The Camellia Blooms and more.

Set in 1950s Jeju, rebellious and ambitious Ae Soon (IU) meets the talented warrior Gwan Shik (Park Bo Gum). They begin a life of adventure that goes through the four seasons.

The title is in the Jeju dialect and reflects how the story will relate more to our parent’s generation. Ae Soon is hardworking and passionate but shakes like a leaf whenever she revels. But she is like a wildflower that shines its lovely head under a shade in the middle of a rough field. She might not be good at school but she still dreams of being a poet. Sentimental, she does not hide her tears or laughter.

On the other hand, Gwan Shik is sturdy and silent. Diligent to a fault, he is a sharp weapon but also unskilled and clumsy when it comes to dating. With Ae Soon, he doesn’t know how to act. Even so, he loves her unconditionally from the start.

The drama has not yet begun filming, but the production team already has high hopes for it thanks to the stellar cast and crew.

Source: Naver
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