IU Receives Praise For Her Innovative YouTube Commercials That Show Just How Kind She Is

Her heart is as pretty as her face.

IU recently took to her YouTube channel, IU Official, to give fans a little treat with a vlog from her touring days. As she showed fans around her accommodations for the night, she expressed that she was incredibly tired and would be stopping the video here for now. Telling fans to wait for the next vlog continuation, the video would have ended there – however, not before one last commercial got in.

| IU Official/YouTube

EDAM Entertainment, IU’s company, had edited in a clip about a missing child. The video poster showed the child’s age and particulars, as well as contact details in case he was found. Given that the child went missing close to ten years ago, it may be a stretch to locate him, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try.

| IU Official/YouTube

Netizens have praised her endlessly, calling her God-U, for her actions.

Given the buzz recently about celebrities profiting off their YouTube channels through undisclosed product placement and endorsement, IU’s choice of commercials made fans realize once again, just how kind and precious she really is!

In other news, IU will soon be appearing in a new movie, Dream, alongside actor Park Seo Joon. Catch the innovate commercial below at the end of her vlog.

Source: Daum Cafe and Insight