IU Sends A Young Fangirl A Coffee Truck

What a lucky fangirl!

Soloist IU has always been known for her kind heart! Recently, she even sent a coffee truck in support to a young fan. However, the fan has a rather special relationship with IU! Read on to find out more.

The fan is actually a child actress called Minseo, who’s currently appearing in Hometown: Cha Cha Cha. She uploaded a photo of the truck with the following caption.

Minseo received her first ever coffee truck from IU as a surprise! What’s going on? We are beyond grateful that she did not forget their short meeting previously and took care of Minseo from afar. Minseo cried from being touched. We are posting this to thank IU once more for giving Minseo another moment of happiness she will never forget. Minseo also promised once more to become a good person like IU. IU, who is so attentive! You are on another level. Minseo, keep going higher!

— Minseo’s mother @actress_minseo

That was not the first time Minseo met IU! The two appeared on a YouTube video by ODG Channel together, where Minseo cried out of being touched by IU’s kind words.

Check out the two’s first meeting below!

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