IU Is Shocked To Learn About Her Boyfriend Lee Jong Suk’s Ties To Her Upcoming Movie “Dream”

IU only found out when a reporter asked her about it.

IU was surprised to learn that her boyfriend, actor Lee Jong Suk, was originally offered a role in her upcoming movie Dream, which is set for release.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

Recently, IU spoke with media outlets ahead of the release of her upcoming film Dream. The movie, starring IU, Park Seo Joon, and Honey Lee, tells the story of a former footballer and a passion-less producer who work to turn a rag-tag group of football players around.

On this day, IU revealed the reason why she chose to take on her role in the movie.

Four years ago, because I played so many dark characters, I was thirsty to play a character that didn’t have a sad story. I think that’s why I wanted to play Somin (character in movie). When I received the script, I read through it quickly, and I thought that the director portrayed Somin’s character well.

Also, I liked the message in the movie and agreed with it. Since this was my first movie, the biggest reason I chose the movie was that I could be with many sunbae actors. I thought I just needed to faithfully carry out my role while watching and learning from my sunbaes.

— IU

One noteworthy fact about Dream is that, according to reports, Lee Jong Suk was actually offered a role in the movie.

When asked what Lee Jong Suk thought about his girlfriend appearing in a movie that he was once offered, IU stated that she didn’t know.

I just found out (that Lee Jong Suk was offered a role) by you asking the question. There is nothing I can tell you because I haven’t heard anything (about Lee Jong Suk being offered a role).

— IU

Meanwhile, IU answered various questions about her relationship with Lee Jong Suk. Find out more about the couple’s relationship in the link below!

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