IU and Thai Model Spotted Hanging out at the Gucci Fashion Show

They also happen to have the exact same birthdays!

IU was recently spotted attending the Gucci 2020 show in Milan, Italy, but what gained particular attention was the Thai model she was spotted hanging out with.

The Thai model shared a shot of herself with IU through her Instastory and even tagged IU to confirm their meeting.

The two celebrities lit up the photos with their gorgeous visuals as well as their playful expressions.

It’s been revealed that the Thai model IU was hanging out with is Davika Hoorne, who is a 27-year-old model and actress in Thailand.

What surprised fans, even more, is the fact that the two stars have the exact same birthdays of May 16.

Coincidences aside, fans are loving the interaction between the two celebrities of different countries.

Some of the comments include “What a fascinating fate“, “IU is such an angel“, and “I’ve never met you before, Davika Hoorne, but I love you“.

Source: Dispatch