IU Writes Heartfelt Letter To Fans About Her Relationship With Lee Jong Suk

She shares her emotions with her fans.

IU has written a heartfelt letter to her fans (UAENA) about her relationship with Lee Jong Suk.

In a post shared on her personal fancafe, IU uploaded a letter to her fans commemorating the end of 2022 and also to let her fans know how she feels about her relationship with Lee Jong Suk.

Hello, UAENA!

Isn’t it time for everyone to be sleeping? Wherever or however you spent the end of 2022, the last day of the year might have been a little upsetting for you guys because of me. I’m here to say thank you and sorry to UAENA, and also greet you all for the new year.

Those of you who saw the article today will know, but I am in a relationship. I was very careful because I think UAENA would have been very surprised when you always worry about me and are curious about how I am, but… yes… this is what happened!

I am developing good feelings for a person who has been a colleague for a long time and we have been relying on each other.

Thankfully, he has been supporting me for a long time. He has always told me ‘you’re cool, so cool’. He is a reliable and cute person who gives me sincere encouragement.

Since UAENA always are the ones who have the most eyes on me, I’m sure you have felt that these days, I am in a good emotional condition and having a good time. At the same time, one of the other reasons why I have felt this way is that I am more proud and passionate about my work recently. I think it is also because I have a good friend who has been around me for a long time complimenting me in a closer place now.

Since you have all found out, we’ll meet quietly so that we don’t worry our fans…!

I’m sorry for the surprise, but I feel even more sorry and thankful to our UAENA who were asking me about this and congratulating me first.

I didn’t even write a long letter, but it’s already the new year while I have been thinking about each word to write for such a long time. I started writing this in 2022, and now it’s 2023.

Happy New Year. Now last year was 2022, and I was so happy that we could meet again after a long time and see each other up close. I don’t think I will ever forget those heart-pounding moments.

Thank you so much for having fun with me for the past year and being my closest friends! I will also not laze around this year! I will do my best.

Once again, happy new year, UAENA. Get some sleep and when you wake up, it will be the new year. Good night. I love you.

— IU

On December 31, Dispatch revealed IU And Lee Jong Suk were in a relationship. Shortly afterwards, both Lee Jong Suk and IU’s agencies confirmed the dating news.

Dispatch’s 2023 New Year’s Couple: IU And Lee Jong Suk

Source: Newsen


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