IVE’s Ahn Yujin To Not Take Her SATs As Starship Entertainment Shares Her Future Plans

She has other plans in store.

The 2022 SATs (College Entrance Examinations) in South Korea is fast approaching. The exam will be sat nationwide by year three high school students on November 18, 2021. As many would know, these exams, also known as suneung, are one of the most important moments of a student’s academic life. Many Korean students would have spent their entire youth studying for these examinations.

As IVE‘s Ahn Yujin is a third year high school student in 2021, she was set to sit for the SATs. However, her agency, Starship Entertainment, has announced that she will not be sitting for the test. Instead, she has decided to shelve any plans of college for now and will approach it once more when she feels she can focus on her education. For now, her debut is of priority for her.

Hello. This Starship Entertainment. We are here to let you know that IVE’s Ahn Yujin, who is eligible to take the 2022 SATs (College Entrance Examinations), has ultimately decided not to sit for the test this year, nor enrol in university.

Our company has had a long discussion with Yujin about sitting for the SATs and the decision as above was made in order to focus on her promotions, taking into consideration that her debut is forthcoming. Following our artist’s opinion, she will be continuing with her promotions as an artist and only reconsider enrolling in university at a later time when she is able to focus on it.

We ask for your support and interest in IVE and Ahn Yujin, who will seek you out with good sides of themselves.

— Starship Entertainment

IVE will be making their debut less than 2 weeks after the SATs date. It is reasonable that Yujin would wish to focus on IVE’s debut which has been set for December 1, 2021. Yujin is not the first artist or idol to forgo sitting for their SATs in favor of a different path for the future. IU famously did not sit for her SATs when the time for her rolled around, as she already had her heart set on continuing her path as a singer.

On the other hand, other currently active idols that will be sitting for the tests include ITZY‘s Yuna, ENHYPEN‘s Sunwoo and STAYC‘s Seeun.

Source: Star Today