IVE’s Gaeul And aespa’s Winter Gain Attention For Their Unexpected Interaction At The “2023 Seoul Music Awards”

“Winter and Autumn?? I’m dead.”

IVE‘s Gaeul and aespa‘s Winter recently shared an unexpected interaction, making fans excited about the possibilities regarding their friendship.

IVE’s Gaeul | @IVE_twt/Twitter
Aespa’s Winter | @aespa_official/Twitter

The two idols attended the 2023 Seoul Music Awards on January 19, where their groups won big. Aespa came away with a bonsang, while IVE took home both a bonsang and the prestigious award for “Best Song.”

Aespa’s Winter and Karina | @aespa_official/Twitter
IVE | @IVEstarship/Twitter

Gaeul and Winter each showed off their major visuals at the event. Winter delighted fans with her long hair

…while Gaeul absolutely smashed it in her form-fitting outfit.

As if that wasn’t enough for fans, they went on to raise excitement with their little interaction during the ceremony—much like their fellow members. IVE’s Wonyoung and aespa’s Karina were seen briefly interacting after Karina and Winter accepted aespa’s award, leading to much anticipation for the “4th gen IT girls interaction.”

Continuing with the trend of raising excitement, Gaeul and Winter were seen sitting close to each other. When Winter sat down, she turned to Gaeul to greet her. It’s impossible to know what they were saying, the fancam was at least able to capture their small conversation.

Fans were understandably elated after seeing them interact, especially since both have names that refer to a season—meaning that fans finally got to witness the meeting of “the two seasons.”

While this interaction was much too brief, there will hopefully be many more such moments between the two groups in the future!

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