With IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Leaving “Music Bank”, Fans Decide On Who They Want To Host Next

Who would your choice be?

Earlier today, it was announced that IVE‘s Wonyoung would be stepping down from being the host of Music Bank after holding the role for over a year.

Wonyoung (IVE) | @ive_twt/Twitter

She’s been one of the co-hosts for the music show since October 2021, and January 13 is set to be her last broadcast. Lee Chae Min, who became her co-host back in September after ENHYPEN member Sunghoon‘s departure, will remain in his position at Music Bank.

Wonyoung and Lee Chae Min on Music BankKBS

Because of this, K-Pop fans are now wondering who could be planned to take Wonyoung’s place as co-host for future episodes of the music show! It will presumably be another female idol, since the co-host pair tends to have one male and one female celebrity.

Soobin (TXT) and Arin (OH MY GIRL) as hosts on Music Bank | KBS

The subject was discussed on an online forum post, titled “Who do you think will be the new Music Bank MC?”. While there were several different names mentioned, there was one that seemed to come up more often than others: Haewon of NMIXX.

Haewon (NMIXX) | SBS

Only a couple of days ago, Haewon appeared as a guest host on Music Bank alongside Lee Chae Min, and she was highly praised for her work. Viewers loved her excellent hosting skills, bubbly personality, and chemistry with her co-host!

Because of this, many fans think she would be great as a permanent host for Music Bank.

  • “I hope that Haewon can do it”
  • “I think that Haewon would do well”
  • “My wish is Haewonie”
  • “Haewon. She did so well as a special MC”
  • “I definitely think Haewon will be the next MC. Her guest gig was a hit and JYP would want to capitalize on that, plus she’s hilarious and so personable”
  • “They’re dumb if they don’t put Haewon. She can be viral every week for her antics just like the shorts her fans upload on YouTube bc she’s naturally funny”
  • “Haewon please”

However, there were a fair amount of other female K-Pop idols mentioned in the comments of the post too. STAYC‘s members came up particularly often as well, especially Isa, who recently hinted at some big news coming soon.

  • “STAYC’s Sieun for me!”
  • “Woo!Ah!’s Nana would be good too”
  • “STAYC’s Isa is my big wish”
  • “STAYC’s Isa was hinting something. Could it be her 👀”
  • “One of the STAYC girls definitely, Sieun, Yoon, maybe even Sumin or Isa”
  • “STAYC Isa hinted at big news, I think it’s her”
  • “Minji… I love her voice tone!”

Who would your choice for the next Music Bank co-host be?

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa


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