Fans Praise IVE Jang Wonyoung’s Recent Visuals, Crediting It To This Change In Makeup

“She’s back to her ___ days!”

As an idol, one goes through many phases of transformation. With each era, one’s hair and makeup differs to fit each new concept. IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung, for example, started off with heavy makeup in “ELEVEN” to pull off the girl crush vibes.

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She later began to wear her foundation glossy and had less eye makeup with “Love Dive.”


As the girls go around the globe for their first fanmeeting tour and more, Wonyoung was recently spotted at the airport with a completely different vibe. Compared to her usual flashy makeup and style, she looked more casual and toned down.

Her hair was kept simple and loose, with little volume near the crown like her previous styles. Her eye makeup was also devoid of glitter.

Wearing a simple knit jacket over a white shirt, she looked ultra student-esque.

Even her lip makeup was kept to a minimum.

Of course, her skin still had a subtle glow, while her brows were kept neat. The stylist also gave her short but thick eyelashes to widen her eyes.

While it’s definitely not a “no makeup look,” Wonyoung’s new style was more casual than usual. This did not go unnoticed by fans.

She smiled confidently for the cameras present.

We dare say, she looks even more gorgeous like this!

It’s a different side to her from her usual stage makeup, that’s for sure.

We love it…

…and we’re not the only ones. Fans even compared it to her IZ*ONE days.

  • “It feels like she’s gone back to her IZ*ONE days.”
  • “She didn’t put on those puppy eyed lens, neither did she use those light-colored ones she uses all the time. I was frustrated that they didn’t give her dark hair when she looks the best with it, but it looks like they’re doing it now.”
  • “Wonyoung’s skin is really gorgeous so the less makeup they put on her, the prettier she is.”
  • “She did that hair parting once in the dorms when they were filming for that IZ*ONE reality show about going to LA, and she looks exactly the same now. I love it so much.”

As expected, gorgeous girls don’t need makeup to shine!

Source: Nate Pann


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