IVE’s “Kitsch” Songwriter Spills On Original Explicit Version

It all makes sense now… kind of.

In March, IVE released their single “Kitsch.” It was met with mixed reactions. While many love the song, some international fans were confused about the chorus’ lyrics.

Our own carefree nineteen’s kitsch

— IVE’s “Kitsch” lyrics

They couldn’t help but wonder what “nineteen’s kitsch” meant.

Some suspected the original demo’s lyrics must have been “90’s b*tch” and that Starship Entertainment chose not to include any profanity in the chorus. Now, thanks to Norwegian music artist Sofiloud, we have answers.

Sofiloud | Spotify

Sofiloud duetted one of IVE’s TikToks of the members dancing to “Kitsch.” She explained how she originally wrote the song, and it was titled… You guessed it. “90’s Bitch.”

I wrote this song for my artist project a couple of years ago with four other talented musicians and friends from Norway and the US. The original was called 90’s Bitch. I didn’t end up using it for my project, so my management introduced it to IVE.

— Sofiloud

Sofiloud has also responded to fans’ feedback.

She has even been teasing that she might release the original demo… 

We can’t wait to hear it!

Source: sofiloudd

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