IVE’s Leeseo Finally Meets Her Idol, aespa’s Karina

They even held hands!

IVE‘s maknae Leeseo is known to be a fan of aespa‘s Karina. During an episode of The Manager, Leeseo’s bedside wall was plastered with Karina’s posters and postcards.

| jtbc

When fans caught wind of the news, they even told Karina about Leeseo’s love for her. Karina responded that she would love to talk to Leeseo! Fans showed Karina’s kind response to Leeseo, making her day.

While fans have been playing messenger pigeon for the two cuties, Leeseo and Karina finally had a chance to meet at the 2022 SBS Gayo Daejun. Leeseo greeted Karina first, while Karina responded by grabbing her hand.

The two stopped for a brief chat, before Leeseo had to move along with the rest of IVE.

A fancam from a different angle showed that Karina had waited for Leeseo to pass by so she could talk to her. The familiarity that both girls showed in the clip made fans believe that they had probably already been introduced to each other.

It looks like Christmas came early for Leeseo that day!

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