IVE’s Wonyoung Goes Back To Her “Produce 101” Visuals In An Angelic White Outfit At The Airport

She aged backwards.

IVE’s Jang Wonyoung headed to Incheon Airport on July 7, 2023, for the Bangkok leg of her group’s world tour. IVE is currently performing THE PROM QUEENS across different cities in Asia.

She wore an all white outfit, highlighting her angelic visuals.

She matched the innocent style with simple makeup, unlike the flashy idol looks she usually sports on stage.

Wonyoung carried a small white Matelasse leather Miu Miu handbag to match the outfit.

Even in low sandals, her proportions were flawless.

Her skin was dewy and smooth, without a single pore in sight.

The look had fans soft for her. They were reminded of her younger days on Produce 101.

After the show ended, fans rarely got a chance to see Wonyoung with natural styling and makeup.

Fans felt instantly transported back to Wonyoung’s iconic Produce 101 era!

Wonyoung on Produce 101.

Netizens had nothing but praise for Wonyoung’s visuals that day.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Wonyoung is so cute.
  • She’s exactly the same as her Produce 101 days… So pretty.
  • Sigh, this princess.
  • She looks like how she did during Produce 101. She gets prettier by the day.
  • Pretty Wonyoung…
  • A total princess… She pulls off white in such a clean way. Her skin is good too, so she looks all smooth and shiny.
  • God baby princess… So pretty.

It looks like many fans are still missing Wonyoung’s pre-debut visuals!

Source: Theqoo


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