IVE’s Wonyoung Shocks Netizens With Her Barefaced Visuals Right After Waking Up

She’s glowing! 😍

In her recent vlog, IVE‘s Wonyoung shows the super fun ins and outs of her recent trip to Paris Fashion Week. However, one behind-the-scenes moment in particular is catching netizens’ eyes!

At the beginning of her stay, Wonyoung wakes up bright and early to do her hair and makeup.

With her almost bare face, netizens were in awe of her glowing beauty…

…especially so early in the morning after waking up!

However, Wonyoung surprised netizens even more when revealing that she was doing much of her own makeup and picking the style she wanted.

I wanted to make the look very natural today, so I’m going to do it with my stylist. I draw the brows myself and she checks for the details. I also put on the eyeshadow color that I want on my own and she checks for the details.

— Wonyoung

Doing a natural makeup look on herself, netizens believe that the less makeup Wonyoung wears, the more her beauty shines!

With her beauty talents, she adds just enough to accentuate her already stunning features and she’s ready for a day in Paris!

Check out her full Paris vlog below.


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