IVE’s Wonyoung Sheds Tears After Receiving Touching Words From A Fan

This is why it’s so significant.

IVE‘s Wonyoung recently was moved to tears by an international fan. This was surprising for DIVEs who know her as a bubbly and mentally strong teen. Despite her young age, she’s always been mature and well-spoken and even cheered her fellow members up when they were down. During her time with IZ*ONE, Wonyoung barely cried. During the group’s last concert, all the other members sobbed before disbanding, but Wonyoung held in her tears and hugged the other members instead.

Leader Kwon Eunbi is crying. | INVEN

Wonyoung giving her last speech as an IZ*ONE member. | INVEN

But during a video call fansign in April 2022, Wonyoung couldn’t help but shed tears after hearing what a fan had to say. The fan told Wonyoung that she had been stressed recently but was very happy to see Wonyoung.

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The fan shared that although she might not be happy at the moment, she gains strength whenever she sees Wonyoung’s videos and photos. Wonyoung began to tear up here as she held out her hand to compose herself.

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As Wonyoung is a great source of happiness for her, the fan hoped that Wonyoung would always be happy too. The moment Wonyoung heard that she began to cry openly.

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Wonyoung was very touched by the declaration and urged the fan not to cry. The call wrapped up sweetly with Wonyoung wiping her tears and thanking the fan.

| @KISHYly0831/Twitter

I’ve been very stressed these few months, and my mood hasn’t been good. So I’m so thankful for Wonyoung because I enjoy seeing your performances and photos. I had been looking forward to every day because I would’ve been able to meet you in just a few days. Thanks to you, I can forget about my things briefly. I can’t speak Korean well. Every time, I have to write things down in advance using notes. My pronunciation is sometimes inaccurate, so you probably can’t understand what I say well. But there’s no way for me to explain myself, and also that’s why sometimes I am unable to react to what Wonyoung says. After every video call, I will translate it once again. When I watch the video call again after it ends, I’m happy. Just as I’ve said, although my life isn’t very enjoyable recently, I get to look forward to things thinking that I can meet Wonyoung, and I’m happy right now. So Wonyoung, thank you so much. I’m so happy to be your fan.

— @KISHly0831/Twitter

Wonyoung was very touched by the fans’ words, especially when the fan said she was happy to be Wonyoung’s fan. This comes at an essential time for Wonyoung, who has been the target of senseless hate and mockery. DIVEs thank the fan for bringing Wonyoung to happy tears with her warm words. Check out the touching moment below.

Source: INVEN