Korean TikToker Clarifies His Video Mimicking IVE’s Wonyoung After Getting Backlash From Fans

“I acknowledge that the video may have been offensive…”

Korean content creator DaeraDaera clarified himself to IVE fans after a recent TikTok video he posted sparked some negative responses.

Content Creator DaeraDaera | @daeraa/Instagram

In a recent TikTok video, DaeraDaera is eating a strawberry—mimicking Wonyoung in the latest episode of The Manager (also known as Omniscient Interfering View). Previously, Wonyoung holding a strawberry with two hands went somewhat viral among Koreans—for how precious she is, even when she’s eating fruit.

When The Manager hosts pointed it out, Wonyoung explained she held it with two hands because “it was a big berry.” The hosts and the viewers adored Wonyoung, though some online trolls threw shade at the girl group member for “trying to act cute in front of the camera.”

Yoo Byung Jae: You really eat strawberries like that?!

Wonyoung: Well, the berry was really big.

Lee Young Ja: Oh, come on. Wonyoung, what’s going on here?

Song Eun Yi: Yellow card for using two hands to hold a single strawberry!

Wonyoung: But the berry! It was actually huge!

So when the TikTok video also used the same audio and the same captions from The Manager episode, it became obvious where the inspiration came from.

Captioned, “How To Eat A Strawberry,” the video even captured DaeraDaera imitating Wonyoung’s comment about how the berry was too big. DaeraDaera even added, “Oh, I’m full!” at the end of the video—poking fun at Wonyoung regardless of intention.

The video did not sit well with some IVE fans and DaeraDaera faced criticism for allegedly “mocking” Wonyoung. Shortly following the backlash, DaeraDaera deleted the video and took to his Twitter account and explained the “misunderstanding.”

| @daeraa_official/Twitter

DaeraDaera insisted that he, “as a huge IVE fan” himself—often creating cover dances to celebrate the girl group, had no intention of mocking Wonyoung and offending the member and the member’s fans.

Hello, I’m the person in [the TikTok] video.

I am tweeting to clarify that the video was not created with the intention to mock or belittle Wonyoung. I’m a huge fan of IVE, enough to cover the group’s dances on the regular.

But I acknowledge that the video may have been offensive to Wonyoung and/or the fans. Going forward, I’ll be more thoughtful when creating content.

— DaeraDaera

Though DaeraDaera added that he’ll be “more thoughtful going forward,” the brief clarification is, unfortunately, causing a second round of backlash for lacking an actual apology to Wonyoung.

What are you even saying? You crack up in the middle of the video. You had all the intention of mocking her. How are you going to be this shameless? [Wonyoung] is  already plenty bullied by the internet. She’s struggling with the haters, the agency is struggling with the haters. So unless you want a lawsuit for insulting her, shut up and delete your video.

— Quote tweet from @jaycrushsaga/Twitter

Watch Wonyoung in The Manager here.

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