IVE Wonyoung’s Sister Jang Da Ah To Make Her Acting Debut In K-Drama Adaptation Of Popular Webtoon “Pyramid Game”

Here’s all we know.

It was previously reported that IVE Wonyoung‘s older sister, Jang Da Ah, would be making her celebrity debut. Jang Da Ah is signed to KingKong by Starship, the acting subsidiary of Starship Entertainment.

Jang Da Ah. | KingKong by Starship

According to a report by Ilgan Sports on May 25, 2023, Jang Da Ah will be taking on her first acting role in the upcoming K-Drama, Pyramid Game. The drama will be an adaptation of a popular webtoon by the same name. A school-based thriller, the lead has already been offered to WJSN‘s Bona.

Poster for Pyramid Game. | Naver Webtoon

The story is about Sarang High School which runs a popularity poll monthly. The results are turned into a brutal ranking system that determines the social hierarchy of the school. An insidious game that involves school violence and more, transfer student Su Ji (played by Bona) is faced with the option of either making her way to the top or toppling the pyramid and ending the game.

Jang Da Ah will play Baek Ha Rin; someone cast into the “A Grade” tier due to her elite academic prowess. She is the only student ranked at the tier. She may seem friendly on the outside, but she hides a completely opposite personality. Jang Da Ah must pull off a two-faced character hiding behind a sweet face.

Baek Ha Rin. | Naver Webtoon

Jang Da Ah already made a commercial debut with the contact lens brand Acuvue. Fans are eager to see how she will fare as an actress.

Source: Ilgan Sports
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