Unedited Photos Of IVE’s Wonyoung With Skin Texture And No Circle Lens Has Fans In Awe

She still looks gorgeous.

IVE‘s Wonyoung is known for her flashy, idol-like looks on stage, with flawless skin and circle lens.

Off-stage, the star tends to go for a more natural look. During a recent airport outing, she kept her makeup clean and simple to suit her preppy look.

From afar, her skin was glowing, as per usual. She looked a little tired, but still faced the fans and journalists with a bright smile. There is a scrape on her knee that seems to be healing.

Even in photos taken from a frontal view with flash, her skin was as smooth as ever.

Photos with a little more depth and natural sunlight helped reveal a more natural side to the star. Her skin texture was able to shine through.

She looks as beautiful as ever in an ultra-closeup photo. Without circle lens, her eyes are a gorgeous mahogany shade. She barely had any eye-makeup on either. Rather than her usual false lashes, she went for a bare look. The side lighting also revealed some skin texture and spots around her chin and under eye.

Netizens couldn’t stop praising her beauty. They were amazed at how she pulled off the shapeless grey beanie.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • She’s really f*cking pretty, but her bangs seem to be poking her eyes LOL.
  • She would’ve been prettier without the beanie. But she’s still pretty.
  • Her skin is killer.
  • Pretty.
  • Wow…
  • So you can be pretty even while using such a beanie…
  • I think even if she wears a haystack, she would turn it into fashion.
  • I’m fascinated how they basically shoved a rubber on her head, but it doesn’t look weird LOL.

Wonyoung’s beauty definitely hardcarries whatever makeup or look she wants to pull off.

Source: theqoo