IVE’s Wonyoung Unexpectedly “Hijacks” Choi Yena’s Chaotic Run-In With Two Men During A Livestream

IZ*ONE fans, assemble!

Recently, soloist Choi Yena held a laid-back livestream, during which she went out on the street to grab some food. At the store, the idol was ambushed by two men, and a chaotic interaction followed.

Choi Yena | @yena.jigumina/Instagram

Yena had stepped out to buy dessert from a shop when a guy off-camera approached her, asking if she was an idol. Yena denied it with a smirk, saying she was a YouTuber. But the guy insisted that he had recognized her.

Yena then playfully asks another guy off the camera if he knows who she is, only to be met with an embarrassed laugh.

But that prompted classic bickering between the two guys, with the first one making fun of the second for not knowing idols. The guy tried defending himself, saying he doesn’t watch YouTube, only to be smacked back.

He tried one last time to ensure he wasn’t getting punked and asked the first guy if Yena was her acquaintance, but he responded that he knew her from the TV.

During this entire exchange, Yena was visibly amused, losing her marbles at the hilarious back and forth between the two. In the end, she asked the second guy if he had any favorite idol, but he responded that he had no interest in idols.

After Yena pressed him to name any idol he knew, the man said, “Jang Wonyoung,” clarifying that he knew her name, but she wasn’t really a favorite.

Yena, visibly surprised, asked the man once again if he really didn’t know her, adding, “I’m really close with Wonyoung” in a hilariously exasperated tone.

This chaotic interaction has gained significant attention from fans of both artists, as well as IZ*ONE, the group Wonyoung and Yena used to be in together. Many were proud of the fact that Wonyoung and Yena have both grown so much in their careers and loved the little IZ*ONE “crumbs” they got from this clip.