IVE Jang Wonyoung’s and Ahn Yujin’s Morning Routines Could Not Be Any More Different

Their routines show off their personalities perfectly.

IVE recently showcased their dorm for the first time publicly on the variety show Omniscient Point Of View (also known as The Manager). The girls’ impressive dorm was rare for rookies. It boasted a luxurious interior and a gorgeous view. It was also located on a high floor and very spacious.

IVE’s living room. | MBC

Seoul’s declining air quality slightly obscured the view, but no one can deny how beautiful it was.

The view from IVE’s living room. | MBC

The dorm has four bedrooms, with Liz, Wonyoung, and Yujin having individual rooms. Gaeul, Yiseo, and Rei share a large room. According to the layout, the large room was bigger than all three individual rooms combined! The large room also has an en-suite bathroom and a walk-in closet. There’s a separate bathroom in the hallway for the other girls.

Here’s a look at their dorm layout and Wonyoung’s room. Wonyoung’s room sticks to a natural wood theme, with a full-length mirror in a gold frame. Her bed is outfitted with storage drawers, while she also has a separate closet. Wonyoung has a study desk next to the mirror and a vanity stocked with skincare and makeup.

IVE’s dorm room. | MBC

On the other hand, Yujin’s room is modern and has a white theme for furniture. She adorably has a Line Friends minifridge in the shape of a bear character. Three racks and a built-in dresser house her closet, but her room’s highlight is her bed. The bed can be controlled with the push of a button! She can sit up in bed and bring the desk closer to her with the help of a remote.

Yujin’s modern room. | MBC

We got a sneak peek into the morning routines of Wonyoung and Yujin as well. Here’s how each of their morning routines showcased their personalities!

1. Wonyoung

The princess starts her day gracefully with a morning stretch. This must be the secret to her slender limbs and perfect posture! Wonyoung enjoys pilates class regularly, but she doesn’t forget to stretch at home.

Here’s how Wonyoung stretches in the morning. | MBC

She then makes her way to the kitchen.

Wonyoung walks to the kitchen. | MBC

At only 18 years old, she’s still growing! Rather than her usual order of iced americano, Wonyoung prefers a glass of milk in the morning. That mug is enormous!

Wonyoung pouring milk. | MBC

Finally, she sits upright at the table and sips her drink while looking out at the fantastic river view.

Wonyoung enjoying her milk. | MBC

We honestly can’t believe that someone lives a life as graceful as that!

2. Yujin

Yujin leads a more relatable life. When she wakes up, the first thing she does is check her phone!

Yujin’s morning routine. | MBC

Yujin then sits upright with the help of her high-tech bed, and the table automatically comes closer to her. She has a great set-up with an iMac!

Yujin sitting up in bed. | MBC

The last part of her morning routine? A selfie, of course! There’s no need for makeup or to style your hair with beauty like hers.

Yujin’s morning selfie. | MBC

The two routines could not be any more different! Each routine completely shows each girl’s personality. Wonyoung leads a more stringent and elegant lifestyle, while Yujin is energetic, down-to-earth, and bubbly! Despite their differences, the girls have been close since their debut with IZ*ONE and have been dubbed the Annyeongz by fans.

Check out the full video clip of their episode below.