“Mother Is Mothering” — IVE’s An Yujin Turns Heads With Her Mature Visuals At Milan Fashion Week

She is the main event!

As Milan Fashion Week kicks into high gear, we can expect to see many idols attending various fashion shows. IVE‘s An Yujin recently turned heads with her gorgeous visuals while attending the Fendi fashion show!

IVE’s An Yujin | @IVE_twt/Twitter

Days before her attendance, Yujin was spotted at Incheon Airport with a brand new haircut and attracted attention for the new look. While netizens had mixed feelings over the actual hime cut, most felt she looked beautiful with it.

Fans waited in anticipation to see how she would be styled and were not disappointed by her visuals!

In addition to wearing hair extensions that created a mullet-like look, Yujin sported a grey slip dress with a slit in the back. The wool slip dress she wore is from the brand and retails at $2250 USD!

| @ivepics_/Twitter

Inside the show, Yujin had main event energy, being photographed with actress Cara Delevinge and sitting next to Fendi CEO Serge Brunschwig during the show!

While watching the show and when she exited, Yujin added a blazer to her look, showing why so many fans have praised her “handsome” visuals in the past.

| @drevileyes/Instagram
| @drevileyes/Instagram

Fans naturally were in love with her look and appreciated her styling.