IVE’s Wonyoung And Sister Jang Da Ah Impress With Their Stunning Figures And Insane Proportions

They look amazing!

IVE‘s Wonyoung and her sister Jang Da Ah are making headlines for their undeniable similarities! Aside from the many things they share in common, including their gorgeous visuals, there is one similarity they share that proves they hit the genetic lotto.

IVE’s Jang Wonyoung | @for_everyoung10/Instagram
Actress Jang Da Ah | @jangda_ah/Instagram

Both girls have the model physique that many people can only dream of having!

| 10 Asia
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| @jangda_ah/Instagram

Wonyoung is known for her endless legs that appear so long, they may seem edited. However, she looks exactly the same in real life!

image (1)
| @for_everyoung10/Instagram

She once measured her legs and they are approximately 107 cm.

Meanwhile, all it takes is one look at Da Ah’s physique to know that she’s related to Wonyoung!

| @jangda_ah/Instagram

During photoshoots, she boasts a stunning body with a high waist, endless legs, and a short torso.

The Jang sisters are blessed!

Source: theqoo


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