IZ*ONE’s “Eyes On Me: The Movie” Is Crushing It At Theaters Ranking No. 1 In Ticketing Rates

It hasn’t even premiered yet but it’s already leading ticketing rates!

IZ*ONE‘s Eyes On Me: The Movie may not have premiered yet, but it’s already leading the ticketing rate and is soon to be the most-watched movie this week!

According to the Korean Film Council’s cinema ticket integrated computer network, their movie has already surpassed several box office rivals including The Aureonauts — a new work by actor Eddie Redmayne — and the new hit Korean movies Intruder and Innocence.

Although Eyes On Me: The Movie is set to premiere on June 10, as of 7 AM KST on June 8, the council reported the movie was leading the ticketing rate in theaters with a ticket booking rate of 28.6%  and 11,912 reservations (so far).

Additionally, CGV Cinemas, the largest multiplex cinema chain in South Korea, released its latest ticketing chart on June 7 and reported a rate of 26.3% for IZ*ONE’s movie in CGV theaters. Unsurprisingly, that number has since risen and Eyes On Me: The Movie is now no. 1 on their reservation chart with several theaters completely sold out!

IZ*ONE’s “Eyes On Me: The Movie” is no. 1 on CGV’s charts! Screenshot courtesy of @Miyawaki_Tae39/Twitter

Eyes On Me: The Movie was originally scheduled to premiere last November but due to the Produce 101 vote rigging scandal, the release date was delayed. After 7 months of waiting, the movie will finally be reaching audiences on June 10! Through the film, fans will get to view previously unseen footage as well as experience plenty of behind-the-scenes content from IZ*ONE’s first Asia tour Eyes On Me.

Check out a trailer for the movie below:

Source: Ilgan Sports