IZ*ONE Achieves Highest First Day Sales With Debut Album

They’ve already achieved a record on their official debut date!

IZ*ONE’s debut EP, “COLOR*IZ”, which was released on October 29, has achieved the highest first-day sales on Hanteo with a record 34,295 albums sold.


IZ*ONE’s record figure was followed by BLACKPINK’s “SQUARE UP” with 19,094 albums, I.O.I’s “Chrysalis” with 10,845 albums and Weki Meki’s “WEME” with 4,693 albums.


In addition to their album release, IZ*ONE held their “COLOR*IZ” SHOW-CON  and revealed the performance to their title song “La Vie en Rose” on the same day, which was broadcast live online and viewed by approximately 120,000 netizens.


Moreover, La Vie en Rose” has ranked No. 9 on the Melon Chart; No. 2 on Bugs, Naver Music and Soribada; No. 3 on Mnet.com; and No. 4 on Olle Music and Genie as of 8 am, October 30 (KST).


Netizens have continued to express doubts about IZ*ONE’s success, once pointing out that they’ve chosen the worst time for the debut. This was because their debut date was sandwiched in between some of the biggest names in the K-Pop industry including TWICE, EXO and Wanna One.

Netizens Claim IZ*ONE’s Debut Will Be A Complete Failure Because Of This Reason


There were also political reasons that caused Korean netizens to oppose the group’s debut and go as far as to file a Blue House petition demanding the group to be banned from appearing on public broadcasting stations.

Netizens File Blue House Petition Against IZ*ONE’s Appearance On “Music Bank”


Despite these doubts and opposition, however, IZ*ONE seems to be hitting the ground running! Check out IZ*ONE’s new track “La Vie en Rose” below:

Source: News 2day