IZ*ONE Jams Out To These K-Pop Classics On Their Tour Bus

Find out what their go-to tunes are.

IZ*ONE visited Sokcho on the latest episode of their YouTube vlog series ENOZI Cam, and jammed out to a couple of bangers from the previous era.

IZ*ONE enjoying the ocean, playing with pinwheels and snapping pictures of each other | official IZ*ONE/YouTube

Sokcho is located in the upper most northeast side of South Korea, so it must have taken them a long time to get there. Thankfully for the fans, the camera crew got some precious shots of the typical IZ*ONE bus ride.

Yena says to Chaeyeon “Unnie, you’re so hot.” | official IZ*ONE/YouTube

The karaoke party started with “Darling” by Girl’s Day, an absolute classic from the 2nd generation.

Firing off with the iconic “Are you ready?” intro, the girls broke out into a party with “Darling.”

“Darling” kickstarts the party | official IZ*ONE/YouTube

Chaeyeon in particular, had all the dance moves down to a t. The moves just look so natural when she does it. Unreal dancer!

The second song was Sistar‘s “Push Push,” a deep cut from their catalog dating all the way back to 2010.

Yena, the goofball of the group, led the charge with this one. She looked adorable singing the words and bumping her body.

“Oh my god, the camera’s rolling! It’s capturing everything!” | official IZ*ONE/YouTube

Once they noticed the cameras, they started to really wild out.

Yena yelled out “Hi everyone in Sokcho~” even though…nobody outside the bus could hear her. It looked like everyone was having a blast!

“So cute!” “Is this like, an impromptu photoshoot?” | official IZ*ONE/YouTube

The party continued outside for the energetic Yena and Chaeyeon, as they had a fun time on the beach.

Watch the full ENOZI Cam episode here: