Jo Yuri Shows A Mature New Side For Her Official Profile And Fans Are Loving It

We can’t believe how much she’s grown up!

Former IZ*ONE members have been making major waves in the K-Pop world over the past month with Eunbi making her solo debut and rumors of multiple members potentially joining new girls groups, with the biggest being Sakura potentially joining HYBE‘s group. All this IZ*ONE news has many fans wondering what the groups main vocalist, Jo Yuri, is up to.

| @zo__glasss/Instagram

Luckily for fans, it appears Yuri is ready to return, having launched her official YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, all within the same day.


While Yuri previously had a personal Instagram account to update fans about her day to day life, this wave of “official” accounts signals potential for new music. These accounts have also brought about a collection of new photoshoots and videos that have fans obsessed.

| 조유리 JO YURI/YouTube 

In these photos, Yuri shows off a more mature look. The first set of photos features Yuri in a clean white button up shirt with a “no makeup” look.

| @joyuri_offcl/Instagram

This fresh faced look can be hard to pull off but Yuri does so effortlessly.

| @joyuri_offcl/Instagram

In her second photo set, Yuri is at her most mature in a black turtleneck for these black and white photos.

| @joyuri_offcl/Instagram

The concept for these photos exude classiness and give Yuri a chic vibe.

| @joyuri_offcl/Instagram

Any fans who miss Yuri’s cute side have nothing to fear, as she shows off her adorable versatility in her final set of photos which feature her in yellow dress.

| @joyuri_offcl/Instagram

To add to her cuteness, Yuri poses with a precious puppy.

| @joyuri_offcl/Instagram

Fans on Twitter were already loving these Instagram uploads when they were surprised by her YouTube profile video uploaded the next day:

They were especially impressed by her modeling skills in her all black outfit:

Some couldn’t get over how much Yuri has grown up since they met her on Produce 48 over four years ago:

Even with her mature beauty, fans still love Yuri’s adorable side:

What do you think of Yuri’s “official” reintroduction to social media? Which of these looks was your favorite? Let us know and to see her full profile video, check out the link below:


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