Kwon Eunbi Made Her Solo Debut, And Here’s How The IZ*ONE Members Congratulated Her

The bond between them is still super strong!

Since IZ*ONE‘s disbandment in April 2021, Kwon Eunbi is the first member of the group to make their debut, and she has returned to the music scene as a soloist with her first album Open, and title track “Door”!

Kwon Eunbi | Woollim Entertainment

With her debut marking a new beginning for her, her IZ*ONE members made sure to shower her with support on their social media, and also in person!

Fellow main dancer Chaeyeon showed up to support Eunbi at her debut showcase, and Eunbi uploaded a story to thank her for coming!

Eunbi and Minju met up at the salon, where they took photos together, and Minju later also put up an Instagram story congratulating Eunbi on her debut!

Her other members also congratulated her on social media, such as Chaewon



… and Hyewon!

Nako has been talking to fans about Eunbi’s debut all this while, and told them how she watched the MV for “Door” during her lunch break! She later also uploaded a story on her Instagram, congratulating Eunbi on her debut, and complimenting her visuals!

Sakura, Yuri, Wonyoung, and Yujin are yet to publicly post about her debut, but no doubt, they’re extremely excited for their leader’s new start!

The members of IZ*ONE definitely have each others’ backs!

IZ*ONE | @official_izone/Instagram

Eunbi released her debut song “Door”. Watch the MV for it here!


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