IZ*ONE’s Kang Hyewon Pulls off yet Another “Cheap” Dress and Makes It Look Designer

This isn’t the first time Kang Hyewon made a very inexpensive dress look designer.

IZ*ONE‘s official Instagram account recently shared a post titled, “Hyem on All Different Days.”

The post included various photos of Kang Hyewon in different outfits, but there was one in particular that drew overwhelming attention.

In the photo, Kang Hyewon wore a tight-knit dress with a unique pattern all over it.

But what surprised netizens the most was the price of that gorgeous dress that Kang Hyewon pulled off so well.

It’s been revealed that the dress costs around 5,900 won (~$5 USD) in a Korean online shopping mall.

As Kang Hyewon was done before, she wore a very inexpensive dress and managed to make it look designer with her stunning figure.

Just last year, Kang Hyewon gained the spotlight for wearing a gorgeous dress to the airport that was revealed to cost less than 30 dollars.

So once Kang Hyewon proved her status as the designer figure queen once again with an even cheaper dress, fans responded with comments such as “That’s the level of Kang Hyewon’s beauty“, “She makes anything look designer“, and “Wow, I can’t believe it“.

Source: Insight