IZ*ONE’s Kim Minju Will Be Joining “Music Core” As A New MC

Welcome, Minju!

IZ*ONE‘s Kim Minju will be showcasing her MC skills as a new host on MBC‘s Show! Music Core.

After gugudan‘s Mina stepped down from her MC role on the program, on June 2, reports began to circulate that Minju would be joining the program as a new MC. Shortly after these reports were made, the news was confirmed!

A source from the program confirmed her new role and revealed when she will first make her appearance as an MC stating, “IZ*ONE’s Kim Minju will be a new MC for ‘Music Core’. She will be joining the program for the first time on June 13.

Minju will be hosting alongside SF9‘s Chani and Stray KidsHyunjin who are the current MCs for the show.

Meanwhile, Minju is also preparing for IZ*ONE’s comeback. Their 3rd mini-album Oneiric Diary will be dropping on June 15.

Source: SpotTV