IZ*ONE Member Agencies Reportedly Agree To Resume Promotions

IZ*ONE appears to be back on track for promotions.

Following the decision between all of the X1 member agencies to have X1 disband, IZ*ONE fans were afraid that the same fate would happen to their group. However, it has been reported by several media outlets that IZ*ONE’s members’ agencies have agreed to resume promotions.

According to an exclusive report from Tenasia, multiple K-Pop insiders have stated that IZ*ONE will be able to promote together again.

From our understanding, an agreement has been made that allows IZ*ONE to resume their promotions.

— Insiders

Further backing this report up is a separate exclusive report from SPOTV, which stated that IZ*ONE has agreed to resume their promotions, and their comeback promotions could start as soon as later in January.

CJ ENM has yet to confirm the reports, however they did state that there were positive discussions between all parties involved in resuming promotions for IZ*ONE.

As of now, we are positively considering resuming activities for IZ*ONE.


News of IZ*ONE’s potential resumption of activities comes just hours after CJ ENM confirmed X1 would disband.

X1 Announces Group Disbandment

Source: Tenasia, SPOTV and Osen