IZ*ONE Members Choose Which Member Is The Prettiest Among Them All

It may not be who you think it is.

During a recent interview, IZ*ONE members were asked which member deserved the title of “visual center”!


Without any hesitation, all 11 members pointed to Kim Minjoo while she pointed to Jang Wonyoung!


Minjoo then gave her best “ending pose” as she looked like a fairytale princess come to life!


The MC also couldn’t ignore the group’s center and Minjoo’s choice, Wonyoung. Wonyoung also gave her best “ending pose” to showcase her beauty!


With visuals like Kim Minjoo, it’s no wonder why the rest of the members gave her the title of “visual center”!


All hail the visual queen, Kim Minjoo!


But then again, who can choose when all 12 members look as gorgeous as these ladies?!


IZ*ONE not only picked the prettiest member but the members also unanimously chose Jo Yuri to be the “vocal center”!


Yuri then sang a rendition of Taeyeon‘s “UR” to prove her spectacular vocal skills!


Who’s the best “dance center” of the members? All 12 members chose Lee Chaeyeon!


She also took the spotlight for a short dance that solidified her title!


The moral of this story? IZ*ONE is full of talented visual goddesses!


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