IZ*ONE Minjoo’s Company Hits Back At Haters With Legal Action, Even Publicly Revealing Their Usernames

A job well done!

Urban Works Entertainment, home to IZ*ONE‘s Minjoo, recently released an official statement that updated fans on the outcome of their legal action against malicious comments and haters.

The company warned that they “would be taking strict measures in order to protect their artists from humiliation, slander and would be checking up on malicious posts”.

Not only did they promise to continue their actions in the future, they have also boldly made the move to reveal a few names that had been continuously crossing the line. Urban Works Entertainment will be dealing with them by law, and revealed 6 usernames to the public. They include ilbe_19*07*, ilbe_284**9, ilbe_kalbi**ssammu**, DC_Pe*, DC Min*yi and DC_Deon*yi.

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The company lastly urged for fans to send any future malicious posts they come across to the company email and thanks everyone for supporting them and their artists.

Source: theqoo