IZ*ONE’s New MV Faces Controversy for What Netizens Claim to Be a Bad Editing Job

“I can’t believe they showed that in the official MV.” – Netizen

Stone Music Entertainment recently released IZ*ONE‘s new MV for “Secret Story of the Swan”, and despite the instantaneous popularity of their new song, the video was hit with controversy not long afterward for what netizens claim to be a bad editing job.

IZ*ONE’s new MV features the members’ spectacular dancing ability to the very catchy song, not to mention their youthful beauty.

But netizens noticed one scene in particular that many believe to be an editing mistake.

The supposed mistake takes place right after Chaeyeon‘s dance break.


While Yena, Eunbi, Chaeyeon, Sakura, and Chaewon danced in the center of the stage, Wonyoung and Yujin could be seen on standby in the left corner of the screen before entering the shot.


Although the mistake can only be seen for just a second of the MV, many netizens are expressing their disappointment in what they claim to be a sloppy editing job.


Some of the comments include “Don’t they inspect it before uploading it?“, “I thought that was a behind-the-scenes clip“, and “I can’t believe they showed that in the official MV“.

Check out IZ*ONE’s new comeback MV below:

Source: Insight