IZ*ONE’s Security Guard Goes Savage Trying To Protect Members From Being Photographed

He was set on protecting the members.

IZ*ONE, with their soaring popularity in the K-Pop scene, have already had a scare at the airport with aggressive fans trying to get closer to take more pictures of the members. Back in 2018, the security guards had some trouble pushing back such fans. Now in 2019, however, they have implemented a new savage way of stopping the “photographers” – and it is receiving mixed reviews.


In this clip, IZ*ONE’s security guard is seen flashing his laser beam at the cameras trying to take pictures of the member standing next to him. While the member checks her passport and boarding pass, both of which contain private, personal information about herself, the security guard tries his best to stop the “fans” trying to take pictures of her up close.


The thing about laser beams is, when directed straight into the camera lens, it can permanently damage the camera’s sensor. This means, when there is laser rays involved, it becomes harder for the photographers to snap pictures. Here’s an example of the damage that lasers can inflict on camera sensors:


Many IZ*ONE fans are now praising the security guard for coming up with such a savage way of stopping the aggressive fans from taking excessive pictures of the members. Without having to get physically involved, the security guard single handedly warned the photographers and prevented the 2018 situation from happening again.

This is kind of smart. It’s bette than getting physical.

— Netizen

They’ve asked multiple times to stop photographing. But no one listened, and so the laser. I think it’s good. IZ*ONE had too many scares because of these aggressive picture-taking fans.

— Netizen

Obviously, if everyone had manners in the first place, no one would need to use any kind of lasers. So just stop crossing the line.

— Netizen


Unfortunately, others are concerned with the safety of shooting laser beams at the fans. Those who are offended are most upset with the security guard’s decision to flash everyone in the eyes with a laser beam, when the side effects of lasers directly involve damages to the eyesight.

If it’s strong enough to damage a camera lens, wouldn’t it be strong enough to damage eyesight? Is this even safe?

— Netizen

But what about the other airport users?

— Netizen

My eyes hurt just looking at the clip though.

— Netizen


As the discussion continues to grow heated, some camera and laser savvy netizens are stepping forward to point out that the security guard does not seem to be using an actual laser beam, but only a flash object. All in all, regardless of what was used, everyone is coming to an agreement that there needs to be order at the airport; and that in the first place, had everyone followed the rules, there wouldn’t have been a need to use any laser or flash at anyone.

Check out this video to see how up close and personal some of these “fans” get to IZ*ONE members to take photos:

Source: THEQOO