IZ*ONE’s “You’re In Love, Aren’t You?” Evaluated As Unqualified For Broadcasting

It will be prohibited from being broadcast on KBS.

According to KBS, IZ*ONE’s “You’re in Love, Aren’t You?” track from their debut mini album, “COLOR*IZ”, has been evaluated as unqualified for broadcasting on KBS.


“You’re in Love, Aren’t You?” is a song written by the AKB48 producer, Akmoto Yasushi, which was performed at IZ*ONE’s Show Con on October 29.


The reason it was unqualified was because the lyrics went against the broadcasting regulations as it was written entirely in Japanese.


Not long ago, numerous posts were uploaded on Music Bank‘s website and a Blue House petition was even filed against IZ*ONE’s appearance on KBS’s Music Bank because of the right-wing controversies of some IZ*ONE members.

Netizens File Blue House Petition Against IZ*ONE’s Appearance On “Music Bank”


The petition, which had 12,294 signatures as of October 28 now has 26,240 signatures. If the petition receives over 200,000 within 30 days, the government will be required to address the issue at hand, but considering that their debut stage on Music Bank will be held this Friday, it is highly unlikely that the petition will have any big effect.


Despite some opposition from the general public, IZ*ONE has already been setting records with their debut album, having already achieved the highest first-day sales in the history of Hanteo with 34,295 albums.

IZ*ONE Achieves Highest First Day Sales With Debut Album


Although IZ*ONE’s “You Are in Love, Aren’t You?” will be prohibited from airing on KBS, fans look forward to their upcoming debut stages with “La Vie en Rose”! Check out their music video below:

Source: Newsen